Will my chimney need lining?

Yes - in most cases. In order to comply with HETAS regulations and manufacturers instructions most chimneys need to be lined for safe and efficient use.

Will you fit a stove I have bought elsewhere?

In order to provide proper advice and a full guarantee we only fit stoves that we supply . We keep a wide range of stoves and are not tied to any particular brand so we can offer honest, impartial advice to meet your individual requirements.

I haven't got a chimney. Can I still have a stove?

Yes. It's possible that a 'balanced flue' gas stove might be an option. Or, if you prefer solid fuel, we can often fit a new flue system or re-instate chimney stacks as required.

I live in a smokeless zone. Can I still have a stove?

Yes. Most stoves come with an option to have a 'solid fuel kit' which allows smokeless fuel to be burnt instead of wood. Also, now, most wood burning stoves are certified for use in smokeless zones as long as they meet certain efficiency and emission levels.

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